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Ukrainian girl who doesn't speak Russian?

I recently returned from my first trip to Ukraine. I went there looking to meet women with a possibility of marriage in the future. I had a connection with one of the girls I met in Nikolaev. This is one of the regions where most business and social contact is done in Russian. Anyway, she wanted a translator because she spoke no English. My Russian is decent, but it's not like I'm fluent enough to speak about anything and everything. When I met the girl, I greeted her in Russian (Здравствуй, мне очень приятно познакомиться с тобой). I got no reaction from her. My pronunciation is good, so no one would have a problem understanding me. A few other times throughout the evening, I used Russian because I enjoy speaking it. Again, she waited for the translation into Ukrainian. Is it even possible for a young woman who grows up in this region to speak little or no Russian? Could she have other reasons for feigning ignorance?
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