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Have you tried getting a British entry for your Ukrainian fiancée yet?

Going by my own experience and that of other Brits I've met in Ukraine and on associated ex-pat websites, your prospect of getting her a visa to enter the UK for the purpose of marriage, at this moment in your relation, is almost zilch! I also believe that the latest British law covering marriage to foreign persons (not applicable to EU nationals) makes it almost impossible to marry a person who has entered the UK on a tourist visa. The foreign applicant for marriage must return to their homeland and apply at the British Embassy for an entry for marriage visa.

You do not say how old you both are because this is important. Also employment record, educational qualifications,any children, financial status etc, are all factors the UK authorities will take into consideration. The UK applicant will also need to demonstrate that he has adequate housing and income to support the spouse (any children).

Based on the limited information available, I would say that your UK entry for marriage application is in danger of being refused on the basis of consideration of the limited time you have spent together. A regular reason given for refusal is "that the relationship has not been adequately established" . This is calculated not on the amount of time you have known one another, but on the time duration together.

If you don't speak Ukrainian/ Russian, she will need excellent English language. She will be interviewed at the British Embassy as part of the marriage visa process, and she will need to know a lot about you to demonstrate that you are a harmonized couple who share common values likely to reinforce the relationship.

I think if you can spend the required time away from the UK to marry her in Ukraine it would be preferable. Then you must be prepared to spend perhaps two years or more apart (allowing for typical first entry visa refusal). It is not a quick process and in the experience of many, an unpleasant one. Good luck!
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