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I have personally met up to 14 ladies in person over the last three years as I have been in Ukraine 4 times
I have met ladies aged 21 all the way up to 40 years old , My age being 44 when i first started and now i am 47 Truthfully at first i was cautious , But Some of the Younger ones seemed real enough , There was always a Non Trust factor at first , that lasted only about the 3rd or fourth date with most ladies, hell One girl had me hold her handbag when she went to the ( Potty) restroom, So usually they started to trust you more once they saw you are a gentleman, I truthfully can say i had more attitude from the Older ladies than i did the younger ones especially if I didn,t do what they wanted , they seem a alot more cautious too , i guess they have more of a trust issue due to real life experience , But its hey there loss... not mine

So if age is a concern , dont sweat it.. They do seem very serious .yes they all seem to give the same answer as they want security and stability in a man , and one question i always like to ask a girl "how does there family feel about them meeting such a older man" ... " my family wants me to be happy" it always seemed like the same old programmed answer, THIS IS THE SAME ANSWER FROM 8 LADIES!!!!!!! very strange wouldnt you say.. that always started to send up a flag in my mind ... But another Question is one i liked to ask, such as When i would ask a Translator , about the girl you were meeting with , Like " Does she say anything about me or does she really like me ..etc , The the response was always , She is not my friend , i just work as translator for her,,, STRANGE!!!!!!, especially when they act friendly with each other...

So Yes It is only natural for these ladies to seek a better life , especially if they are a single mother with a child , So Yes i agree , But some of them don't really appreciate what we have to spend and make the effort to come and see them , l Only feel that really irritates me about some of the Younger ones..

In the beginning i met a lady online with the very popular agency , I wont say there name , Well I eventually made the trip to see her, This lady really made a big impression on me while I was there, because she cooked for me almost every day , she made sure i was always comfortable , She was even upset at me one day as to my safety because i left the apartment , because one day her and the translator were late arriving , By Two hours , so i went for a walk around the city of Nikolaev , I mean she really was genuine upset , i had to seriously kiss ass ..LOL , but one factor was her Unwillingness to leave her family when we became serious and decide to start our life together, I explained this was the Overall goal for her , i was willing to give her more time , But under the advice of a friend who was clueless as to what Ukraine ladies are really like , told me to tell her , me or her family ... yeah that worked!!!! that was a True Heart breaker... i really liked her too...

Regardless of age The truth is if you can get them off the dating site , Because if its costing you money to correspond , then do so and set them up in Email , Skype , Messenger , ICQ , what ever is available to you then do it!!!!!! Its worth developing your relationship You will develop your communication tenfold, But if they reject it then they were never serious and the agency was paying them to chat and write replies many of them do... Remember..." THERE ARE SCAMMERS EVEN AT THE LEGIT SITES !!!!! THIS IS A FACT!!!!! "

Well All I can say is dont give up and dont fall in love until you know there real at least until you meet in person, i speak from experience!!! ...It will save you a lot of heart ache guys ... this is only the truth
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