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You have 3 major considerations;
1. Age difference. (you'll be VERY set in your ways as I am, so you MUST be prepared to bend your own rules. As the male you'll be expected to do so)

2. Culture shock will grip you. Ukraine is an extremely old country & not long released from the grip of communism. Even if your lady lives in USA she will also suffer.

Be prepared to come see how the other half live & meet a few people & get to know something about the country. VERY important.

I came here from Australia & had 5 trips meeting different people & making friends of (my now) wifes' friends before I decided to plant myself here a year ago. Our age difference is 45 & 69 & I learn something new every day.... including how to bend MY rules! BTW it's "Ukraine" not - the Ukraine

Good luck!
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