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I've been cooresponding with a woman a lot younger then me for about 7 months. She is 26 and I am 60. I realize that is a HUGE age difference. Per her suggestion we should have a pre-nup since she is not after my money. She sounds/acts very mature for her age and she admitted she wants to leave the Ukraine for a better life. I can't blame her for that. I would want the same thing. She is gainfully employed in the Ukraine and wants to work in the USA once she arrives. We have exchanged a lot of information and I believe she is sincere. I asked very direct questions and she has responded with her own opinions. We don't agree on everything, meaning she isn't saying yes to everything I ask just to relocate to the USA. I hope one day that we are married and I will keep all posted.

I have a friend in the USA that married a woman from the Ukraine 5 years ago. He is 54 and she is now 29 and they are expecting their first child in 3 months. So far everything is working out fine for them. She was a nurse in the Ukraine and went back to nursing school here in the USA for 2 years and is a nurse in a hospital here. So it can work. Make sure you do your due dilligence and exchange a lot of information before traveling half way around the world to meet her.
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