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great post mate and you summoned up life here 110% correct, great joke 2 about your bigg middle leg and even bigger muckers facing thee old sharp axe....... ochhh thats hurts man!!
daa you live in a really nice region of ukraine 2, only watch-out for when the thaw sets in and then them spring rains come but im sure your ukrainian family have seen them floods much before
ok 65 its very easy 2 get jaded in life for there before you on your computer is this coool land of ukraine full with milk & honey and such gorgeous hott sexy young woman everywhere daa i mean everywhere. daa 2 its enough 2 send any normal guy crazy 2 see yet not 2 touch, mmm.... maybe torture should be the best word im a thinkings for guys who see the honey but will they taste / lick it..... mmmm??
route there is only 1 route 65 get on that new sexy american dream-liner opps nearly forgot that jet has been grounded due 100% air crash potentially, so fly safe & fly with a euro jet kyiv for central / eastern / southern ukraine or warsaw for western ukraine. you bus it from warsaw 2 any western ukraine city like l`viv / ternopile / rivne is no problem
hope you get your girl 65 like i and rcshott have for its honey honey honey for us this day and everyday daa thats coool
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