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Well now "65"... where do I start? I'm 69 (((My "breakfast-of-champanions" year))) & my Ukrainian wife is a 45yo doctor (not currently practicing). I've had 6+ trips to Ukraine in 5 years (ever the procrastinator) and since last August am now married & living in West Ukraine near Carpathian mountains. I've been married twice before (both Aussies) & been cleaned out financially twice to the point of having gone from millionaire to stone broke! TWICE. (((VERY slow learner!))) So, other than that, having had a good life and travelled and lived extensively I finally decided on a Ukraine woman as my final blast at "the good life". Thousands of Aussie men go to Philippines... as a racist, there is no way in hell I'd do THAT. I'd cut my dangling bits off first!

Living in foreign countries has probs... just like life itself. Ukraine is no different. It's deep culture & history take some learning...but the shilas ARE beautiful... AND V-E-R-Y JEALOUS! So NEVER say you know others from ANYWHERE! Believe me! You'll regret it, mate! The country is still tied to Russia (although been independent for 22 years now) and the country struggles financially, big time! Infrastructure is poor and in many parts people are so 'downtrodden', daily life is a struggle. Corruption is a bloody disgrace. But I love the atmosphere here in the West as it's close to Europe and is influenced by it to a large degree. My inlaws (Mama & Papa) are the same age as myself (Papa & I almost exact same age) but they've taken me in and done so much to help with long-term visas etc, I'll never be able to repay the support. My neighbours are very good too!

I've never heard of the dating site you mention... but there are so many. AND they all want money! As you say, it is business. But there's a few things with these sites you must be aware of;
1. The photos & profiles are often NOT TRUE. ( I can expand)
2. Many of the ladies of 20+ years have been married & unceremoniously dumped for a "younger" woman. (My Step-Daughter is one)
3. It is common for couples to have "a bit on the side"... HOWEVER I refuse to enter THAT "life".
4. Learning to speak Russian is paramount. Ukrainian will also help in West Ukraine.
5. Living is cheap in that most travel & food is 'cheap' to a Westerner.
6. Be VERY prepared to be frustrated by government and business procrastination. It's a shocker! Dealing with shops, businesses and life generally can be frustrating, too. "Do it tomorrow" seems the 'norm.

Many Roads are some of the poorest in Europe. Driving on them feels like the car/bus/taxi has square wheels and no springs!!! Many break down. Trains are mostly old but acceptable and almost always on time. On cars... importing from outside the country is a BIG problem I'm still struggling with and I've questions I can't get answers to. FRUSTRATION!!! Oh there's MUCH more....I've spent months Skyping to individual ladies as "beautiful prospectives" only to arrive here and be not met at the airport, dumped on sight or I've found I've been lied to for a few lousy hundred dollars!!! But '65', mate, come & look, you may be lucky on your first visit! I strongly recommend you find a lady who speaks some English.... OR YOU SPEAK RUSSIAN. I WARN YOU>>> do NOT meet one who has an 'interpreter'. There are MANY beautiful women here but not being able to communicate can be a major drawback for daily life unless she's deaf, dumb & blind! Let alone marry them.

So, to recap; Food is generally good, wine, beer, busses, trains, taxies are cheap, but many (incl roads) are old and simply crap! Taxis, busses & trains breakdown frequently. People in many areas are great, but NEVER tell one lady you have visited or spoken to others. DROP ALL YOUR PREVIOUS BAGGAGE or just forget coming here!! The weather is OK if you like the snow in Winter and the generally poor conditions. Summer is great but the high humidity can be a pain sometimes.

Ukraine is an exciting country but things are NOT as they are 'at home', so prepare the brain & discount your expectations by half & you'll enjoy it. Other than to tie a few loose ends or visit 'relies' I ain't going back to Oz to live anytime soon!

Fire your questions... "myheart2ukraine" can tell you more than I, all the best!

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