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only advise i can give you 65 if you get shot in the foot here in ukraine 2 2 many times then this is your fate?
i have lived here in ukraine and england 50 / 50 for the past 15 years so maybe i know what im talking about when it comes 2 dating ukrainian woman pravda
there is a book i could write about advise but hell it would be endless about the ukrainian woman but if you is smart then you will have no problem in finding your true ukrainian love, un-smart then you never will find her its as simple as that and you will give up on ukraine forever
main thing i will really want 2 say 2 you is dump all your ex-wifes baggee and associated trash which comes with having an ex. do it 2day and do it now, UKRAINIAN WOMAN ARE JEALOUS VERY JEALOUS its not shown at first but it is there much there
you wrote about her children and you? this is a dead mans minefield 65 so not many guys get through. i not really like 2 write bad words about ukrainian woman with child, don`t forget a ukrainians mans child so this will be hard work very hard work for yourself make no-mistake 65
in end i wish you good-luck in your search for your gorgeous ukrainian woman is love aahhhh!
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