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Get Real!

I have been in a relationship with a Ukrainian lady for more than three years.
Firstly, the age gap between you is too great and you would be foolish to believe such a romance could endure. Secondly, I can confirm a reluctance for Ukrainian women to kiss and hold hands in public when the relationship is still in its infancy. However, such reluctance decreases over time. Thirdly, I am not aware that there is a cultural expectation that you must bestow gifts upon the family of this girl. Fourthly if you are dependant upon a translator to communicate with your lady you are severely disadvantaged.
My feeling is that you are probably being taken for a ride by this girl and you should set your sights upon an older lady (suggest absolute maximum gap of 15 years between you), and as you are a professional man you should be able to attract an similary educated partner with at least a basic English usage.
Forget trhis one, but don't abandon all hope, there are some lovely Ukrainian ladies out there.
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