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Potochyska - Woloszczuk


This is a new thread related to my father's family (WOLOSCZCZUK, WOLOSCHUK), who lived in Potochyska (Potochysche) near Horodenka, which was close to the major centres of Chernivtsi and Ivano-Frankivsk, and was positioned along the Dniester River.

The only close relative that I'm aware of that still may reside in Potochyska is either Anna or Sophia Horichok. I recall my father corresponding with someone named Anna Horichok. She may have been a half-sister. I also have a more recent note from a cousin, with the name Sophia Horichok, and the number "285813". Could that number be a phone number?

The attached photo was taken in 1978 when we visited Potochyska with my mother and sister. The woman on the left with the blue sweater and black kerchief was, I believe, Sophia Horichok, but I'm not certain.

I am told by my cousin, who did some extensive research of his family, the Mateykos, from the same village, that the house number of my father when he lived there was #5.

My father emigrated in 1930 to Canada.

I am asking if someone can verify if an Anna or Sophia Horichok still resides in Potochyska, and if so is related to my father Roman Woloszczuk,; what that 6 digit number (285813) may be; and if house number #5 still exists and who lives there.

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