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Yes Akmike, but your Ukraine account isn't storing billions of dollars.... [\QUOTE]

Have you been reading my statements?

[QUOTE=Gotno Gizmo;105474]You do not employ the best tax evasion specialists / lawers [\QUOTE]

Nope, I'm small potatoes.. second rate lawyers and accountants is all I can afford.

Originally Posted by Gotno Gizmo View Post
I do not anticipate that for one moment you are an economic vulture walking a thin line between legitamacy and international fraud. .
Oh? I know I haven't made the headlines of the comic books that you read appearantly, but I get around.

Originally Posted by Gotno Gizmo View Post
You do not bribe officials .
Wanna bet? There's been a couple of cops well as that nasty official at the ZAGS office that just would't play right. She got a full C-note for her efforts. And that was before I started the "offshore account" Now she might have gotten twice as much now that I have ready access to all the millions stored away for evil purposes..

You've been there how long and you can honestly say that you've never greased a plam(bribe) to get something working right or faster?

LaLa land still?
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