Kiev International Film Festival 2010 - Kiev Oblast, Kiev

Expos - Kiev Oblast - Kiev

When: Friday, 21 May 2010
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Where: Various, Kiev, Kiev Oblast


The Kiev International Film Festival 2010, will be hosted in the city of Kiev, from 25 May to 1 June 2010. It is a festival that is hosted annually, to highlight cinematography, develop the art in Ukraine, familiarize the public with work from all over the world and create an international networking platform for members of the industry. Various venues throughout the city, such as the Cinema Butterfly Ultramarine, NPCA Ukraine, Cinema Zhovten, National Academic Theatre and Cinema Kyiv Rus, will be displaying numerous films during the festival. It is a festival for all film enthusiasts to enjoy.

For more information in regard to the festival, its venues and general information, visit the official festival website at


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