Noviy Svet - The Champagne City of Ukraine

Near the coastal town of Sudak, lies the beautiful town of Noviy Svet. It is safely tucked away in a small cove and offers visitors the privacy and seclusion that so many seek. Even though accommodation is very scarce here, many local inhabitants of Noviy Svet will gladly provide visitors with a comfortable bed and a taste of local life. The breathtaking views of the bay and surrounding country makes every second in this hidden destination in Ukraine a memorable moment.

The town of Noviy Svet is known as a champagne producer, and champagne has been made here since the 18th century. Not surprisingly, the locals have perfected the art of making champagne and tasting some of the local produce is highly recommended. A visit to the factory, founded by Prince Golitsyn, will prove to be a fascinating and surprising experience. Visitors will be able to view the wine making process and take a look inside the tunnel, running for a few kilometers into the mountain, that is used for the storage of the wines.

Mount Sokol is a noticeable landmark of Noviy Svet and many visitors take up the challenge to do some mountain climbing. Climbing this mountain at a steady pace should take about one and half hours, and if Mount Sokol doesn’t interest you, there is always Kush-Kaja. Kush-Kaja is located on the other side of the bay and is just as beautiful and picturesque as Mount Sokol. The Golitsyn’s Trail is a spectacular nature hike that leads visitors from the town, past the bay and onto the clean beaches along the coast. Emperor’s Beach is a peaceful beach where visitors are able to unwind and enjoy the tranquility of the ocean and calming waves. The Noviy Svet region is also home to three breathtaking lagoons and unique wildlife.

When a day of exploring the region has come to an end, visitors will be able to enjoy a relaxing meal at one of the quaint restaurants or tuck into some local cuisine. Noviy Svet is an amazing destination in Ukraine that overflows with the beauty of nature and gracious hospitality.


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