Yachting Experiences - From Black Sea Tours to the bay of Adalary Rocks

Come sail away and enjoy the exhilarating feeling of yachting in the deep waters of Ukraine. Sailing in Ukraine is an awesome experience for all who are looking for a thrilling time and also for those who love to view stunning sunsets and dazzling blue waters. Yachting in Ukraine will give you the perfect ending to a memorable day.

Ukraine occupies an area of 603,700 square kilometers, and is amongst the largest European countries. Territorially it is larger than France, Spain, Sweden and Poland, so there is plenty see and do for a great time. You will discover there many Luxury Resorts and Hotels as well as plenty of romantic Ukrainian honeymoon destinations. Amongst the main attractions in Ukraine are yachting vacations and cruises, which are a definite must for tourists in the country.

Ukraine welcomes you to tour their beautiful country by taking to the waters for fun and exciting marine adventures. Off the rugged and scenic Crimean peninsula coastline you can enjoy one of the most dazzling yachting areas. Ukraine has many yacht sailing tours on offer at very reasonable prices, so waste no time and experience a truly unique and unforgettable adventure.

You may want to try yachting for a full 12 hour day tour on the Black Sea. This is an awesome sailing adventure along the Crimean coast. Early in the morning you will leave from the dock while you enjoy breakfast on-board your designated yacht. Next, you sail to Adalary Rocks. This is a area boasting beautiful rock formations, lying at 400 meters from the coast in Gurzhuph Bay, a wonderful opportunity to explore the rocks. You can even include some scuba diving on this part of your tour.

You can sail from Adalary Rocks through the bay to a small private and secluded beach, located at the southern extremity of the Ayu-Dag Mountains. Very often in this area you will see friendly dolphins that can’t help but show off their stunning swimming techniques while following the yacht. So don’t forget to bring along your cameras for a perfect opportunity to take terrific photos. You can also go for a long gentle swim in the warm surf of the ocean and then come out for a long relaxing lie in the sun. For a truly unforgettable experience why not try Yachting in Ukraine and explore the most unforgettable waters in the world.


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Team Ukraine.com - 2010-11-17 06:40:55

Dear Thomas, Thank you for visiting Ukraine.com and posting a comment. We appreciate the opinions and input of our users.

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Thomas - 2010-11-17 02:11:57

Take it from a foreigner who has lived in Ukraine for several years. Ukraine is simply not ready for mass tourism. It is not as cheap as you might expect and the quality and service is still soviet. Its simply not worth it. They are exceptions of course, but they are few and you might not find them. Very few people speak English and you have to be an adventurous traveler armed with tolerance and patience to enjoy Ukraine.

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Team Ukraine.com - 2010-07-13 10:46:43

can you send me more info about your cruises ?
Dear Jeffery Tetterton, Please refer to the Ukraine.com Business Listings for Tour Operators who may be able to assist you. Enjoy your trip to Ukraine!

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