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Ukrainian Crafts: Musical Instruments

The Ukrainian folk music instrument known as the kobza, is a lute-like stringed instrument carved from a single block of wood, which is played by plucking its strings, either with the fingers or a plectrum attached to a ring... read more

Visit the Beekeeping Museum in Kiev

Located in Kiev, the Beekeeping Museum pays tribute to the pioneers of the art of beekeeping, a practice which has been an integral part of Ukraine's economy for centuries. Visitors to this fascinating museum will note that th... read more

Embrace Tradition at the Sorochyntsy Fair

Every year in August, the village of Velyki Sorochintsy near Poltava hosts an event that was declared in 1999 by Presidential Decree to be Ukraine's national trade fair. Known as the Sorochyntsy Fair, this event is a celebrati... read more

Celebrating the Feast of Ivan Kupala

Celebrated each year on the night of July 6/7 in Ukraine, the Feast of Ivan Kupala marks the northern hemisphere summer solstice with various rituals and special foods being part of the occasion. While today Ivan Kupala celebr... read more

Historical and Cultural Treasures in Zhovkva

Travelers looking to explore some of Ukraine's smaller historical towns will no doubt enjoy a visit to Zhovkva. Located around 32 km south of the bustling city of Lviv, this well maintained town boasts up to seventy architectu... read more

Relax and Rejuvenate at Ukraine's Mineral Spas

With more than 500 mineral water sources, Ukraine is the perfect destination for travelers looking to enjoy the therapeutic benefits these offer. There are around fifty spa and wellness centers in Ukraine, many of which are in... read more

Ukrainian Crafts: Motanka Dolls

Visitors to the arts and crafts markets found in many Ukrainian cities, town and villages, are very likely to come across traditional motanka dolls on display and for sale. These skillfully made reeled dolls have been part of... read more

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